Electronic Wheel Alignment


  • Oil change, replacing air filters, and other general service tasks are some of the most effective ways to ensure your truck runs smoothly without any problems. But what about wheel alignment, and why is it important?

    People in India may be updated to the auto-market and stocks of their favourite car/truck company but unfortunately not many are acquainted with Wheel Alignment angles.

    That well-paid driver of a businessman, who wears a neat uniform, may report to his boss on time, but not necessarily to the tires of the sedan/SUV, he might be driving. A slight negligence in catering to these aspects can lead to problems ranging from a vibrating steering wheel at your hands to hazardous driving conditions which may be fatal. Wheel balancing and alignment, which are often confused, are totally different terminologies and practices. Having said that, both are equally important and hence should be given equal attention for a smoother and safer ride of your vehicle.

    This blog shall give you a brief on Why Wheel Alignment is considered a major factor in the Commercial Vehicle segment and how it benefits the stakeholder.

The Importance of Wheel Alignment for Commercial Vehicles

·        Your TATA is a machine, so they parts and components of your vehicle need attention and care over time to ensure that everything is running correctly. By following your TATA scheduled maintenance plan, A&A Automobiles service center can diagnose problems early on and save you from costly repairs later down the line. Our team will also check your vehicle’s critical components and work to fix them before issues spread.

When do you need a Wheel Alignment for your Commercial Vehicle?

  • Irregular Tyre wear
  • Improper driving or steering comfort
  • Uneven roads and potholes
  • Collision damage
Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Truck’s Suspension & Alignment

Maintaining your truck’s
suspension and alignment is one of the single best ways to produce a smoother,
safer, more comfortable ride. Whether you are a safety-conscious fleet manager
or a cost-sensitive business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that
your truck’s suspension and alignment are regularly maintained.

  • Your shock absorbers may begin to leak
  • Your strut assembly can deteriorate
  • Your springs can sustain damage
  • Your ball joints can creak or break

How is poor suspension maintenance linked to wheel alignment problems?

Your wheels are mounted to your truck’s suspension system, so failure to maintain your truck’s suspension can lead to problems with your wheel alignment. And unfortunately, drivers who neglect their truck suspension are more likely than average to neglect their truck wheel alignment. In addition to damage caused by neglect, your wheel alignment can be disrupted when you drive over curbs or potholes.

When you fail to seek regular maintenance, your suspension and wheel components can shift and bend, preventing your truck from driving straight. Additionally, long periods of neglect can cause extensive damage to your truck, resulting in costly repair services.