Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

·        Every TATA model has recommended, scheduled maintenance that should be performed at as par service Book intervals.

·        You love your TATA Vehicle for its reliability, but to keep that reliability going to years and years to come, it requires ensuring regular maintenance is performed on your vehicle. What’s better, keeping up with your TATA’s scheduled maintenance at A&A Automobiles.

Don’t wait for your TATA Maintenance Required light to come on before servicing your vehicle! Click below to book recommended TATA maintenance schedule at A&A Automobiles Now.

Why is Schedule Maintenance important?

·        Your TATA is a machine, so they parts and components of your vehicle need attention and care over time to ensure that everything is running correctly. By following your TATA scheduled maintenance plan, A&A Automobiles service center can diagnose problems early on and save you from costly repairs later down the line. Our team will also check your vehicle’s critical components and work to fix them before issues spread.

Importance of Regular Schedule Maintenance

  • Routine checks and adjustments are essential for the safe and reliable operation of your vehicle. Always fix or have fixed any problems that occur. If you notice anything unusual when driving, check it as soon as possible.
  • Not replacing the oil filter for a long time can cause it to become clogged and restrict oil flow. Possibly leading to engine problems or damage.
  • Using a battery with low fluid levels can lead to the battery going dead, overheating. Continued use of insufficient or dirty coolant from lack of replacement over a long period can lead to overheating or radiator corrosion.
  • Continued use of insufficient or dirty brake fluid from lack of replacement over a long period can lead to loss of braking effectiveness.
  • Regularly get the tyre tread depth checked for maximum traction & grip. Change your tyres before it reaches its wear limit to avoid accidents.